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My, these gloves are warm

We've been around the Horn with winter gloves - including the silk liner/leather combination and snowmobile mittens. None are as warm as these. These gloves are an excellent choice for riders looking for warmth at a medium price.

Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 Waterproof

  • Affordable at under $40US
  • Thinsulate makes them amazingly warm
  • Dexterity is OK
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in shield wipers on both thumbs
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes for both men and women

The fit is excellent and they are quite comfortable. The shield wipers come in handy when a squall blows in. They are easy to get on and off.

If you are fussy about dexterity, you'll do better with a more expensive leather winter glove. We find no trouble with brake or clutch, but having a throttle rocker or similar assistance device reduces the squeezing effort needed to throttle.

We'd prefer a bit longer gauntlet which would make them contain the jacket sleeves better. The drawstrings seal out the wind. The only problem with these gloves is that they are so warm, you have to be careful when you wear them. If it's not cold enough, you'll end up wanting to switch to a lighter pair when your hands start cooking. (I usually pack a second pair to accomodate.)

If you are an winter rider looking for warmth without voltage, these gloves fit the bill.

-Sal, Editor
February 2007

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